Meet our team.

Patricia Munro


Patricia Marie began training as a hair stylist at the age of 18. After completing her training she was given the opportunity to work at one of Chicago’s most prestigious salons. Patricia remained at this salon for the next 13 years. Over that time she continued to develop her skills and eventually her hard-work and expertise payed off as she became the Education Director for three salons. Patricia spent many years traveling the world drawing inspiration from the most elite hair dressers in the industry. Patricia has been featured in Sun Times, on Fox News, WGN, Chicago Magazine and The Guiliana and Bill (Rancic) show. Patricia has also assisted in makeovers, T.V. Shows, and participated in many fashion shows. Patricia continued on, sharing her experience and knowledge to all of the stylists at Patricia Marie Salon.  After 6 years of passion, determination, and hard-work at the Patricia Marie Salon, Patricia and her husband Eliot founded 707 Hair Studios. She believes “education is the key to one’s success,” and as the Owner of 707 Hair Studios, Patricia is excited to be surrounded by such a great team and will always be looking for ways to give back to show her gratitude.

Hours: Tuesday, Saturday 9-5,  Thursday, Friday 11-7

Eliot Munro


Eliot, the “Balayage King,” found his desire to be in the hair industry when he was just a young man. His passion took off while watching his mother everyday at her own salon. Eliot began to develop a natural ability within the beauty industry without even realizing it. His creative mind and artistic abilities started to develop throughout the years to follow. When he was 19 he graduated from Paul Mitchell School of Chicago, then continued his education at some of the most prestigious salons of Chicago. He grew as a stylist following many talented hairdressers around the world. Meanwhile Eliot began selling hair care products becoming a master with all kinds of hair types, including curly hair. He developed many relationships that led him into managing a few salons in Andersonville. During this journey it was then that Patricia and Eliot met. Having the same passion to create, connect with others, and perfect this industry, it wasn’t long before they became a team in every way.

Hours: Wednesday, Saturday 9-5,  Monday, Friday 11-7



Emily has had a passion for the beauty industry since she could remember.  Not only does Emily enjoy making her clients look good, but loves the confidence that transpires as they leave her chair.  Emily is a Paul Mitchel graduate, with great knowledge following legendary artists from around the world.  While Emily was in Los Angeles she attended color, cut, and styling classes that she has been able to utilize in her everyday performance.  Her motto has always been “look good, feel good”.  Emily is passionate, energetic, and eager to continue her education and freedom here at 707 Hair Studios.

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 9-5, Thursday, Friday 11-7



“At the end of the day it is the impact that I made in a persons life, not just the experience”.

Mandy is outgoing, friendly, and down to earth.  Mandy’s greatest accomplishments are in changing peoples lives by ensuring satisfying results every time.  Learning all the fundamentals in both hair styling and hair coloring is extremely important! Education is key to ones success. 

Hours: Wednesday, Saturday 9-5,  Monday, Friday 11-7



Tara’s passion for the beauty industry started long ago.  Growing up, Tara watched her mother aid others, making them feel good and bringing out their most confident self. This only confirmed Tara’s desires to spread that same energy.  She started her career off in the lights of Nevada, where she spent years apprenticing and learning how to bring her creativity to life.  Recently, Tara moved to Chicago to pursue opportunities and education at 707 Hair Studios.  Tara specializes in blonde colorization, extensions, and men’s haircuts.  Her positivity, vibrant energy, and talent makes every client leave wanting more.  

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 9-5, Thursday, Friday 11-7


Makeup Artist

Mireille started as a makeup artist when she was 21.  She was given an amazing opportunity at a school in Mexico City.  It was love at first sight!  Mireille then continued her journey working throughout high end salons in both Guadalajara and Taxco Mexico.  Mireille then moved to Chicago accepting an exciting job offer at a top salon in the Gold Coast area.  Mireille’s knowledge and expertise landed her several gigs with celebrities and magazines such as Brooke Shields, Bebe Rexha, US magazine, News Week magazine, The Bachelorette, and NBC News.  “At the end of the day everyone is a celebrity to me”.  Mireille can’t wait to share the beauty of her work with you.

Hours: By appointment only